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3 Trends in China that Will Define International Recruitment in 2018

2017 was a challenging year for international recruiters in the US with many institutions seeing declining enrollments. However, 2018 holds much to be excited about for international recruitment in China. The education space has seen significant growth due to newly emerging cities, Chinese universities with greater appetites for partnerships, brand-new international schools, and more in-school counselors seeking to connect with recruiters.

The Sunrise team pored over pages and pages of research to come up with a comprehensive report that contains everything you need to know about the newest developments in Chinese education.

Read on to discover some of the trends to look out for in the upcoming year.

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Mastering WeChat - Five Steps to Engage Chinese Students

WeChat is essential for international recruitment or any kind of marketing targeting China. If you are new to WeChat, it is a cross-platform messaging app for mobiles with 768,000,000 monthly active users (primarily in China). WeChat is basically the INTERNET in China. People use it to message each other, share their life, pay for goods, get directions, order taxis, etc. It is no longer just an app, it is inextricably integrated into life here; so it is not hard to understand why WeChat has become the most important digital marketing tool available to international recruiters.

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