What Are Chinese Kids Doing This Summer? Sunrise Has The Perfect Answer

Chinese students used to spend their long summer vacations chilling at home with ice cream and going to the movies. Not any more.

It's not hard to imagine what "tiger moms" and "wolf dads" would want their teenagers to accomplish when their heads are not buried under textbooks. Math clubs, English summer camps, biology summer courses, you name it. However, making these programs educational, inspiring, and fun is a challenge.

Sunrise has accepted this challenge and has brought on a series of summer programs where kids can learn "the real deal" while having the summer vacation they deserve. This summer, we are welcoming over 1,200 passionate debaters, forward-thinking entrepreneurs, and future global leaders to our camps and national championships.

We just wrapped up our China Youth Business League summer program. Check out this awesome video revealing the magic of CYBL and showcasing our outstanding participants.

At Sunrise, we aim to expose students to activities that inspire. We encourage them to explore their passion and to think critically. So far, we are seeing positive changes in China's next generation of talent.

We welcome you to be part of it! Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, university admissions officer, professor, or college counselor, we have a role for you.

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