• University of Oregon


  • Localization

  • WeChat

  • SEO

  • Reception


What We Did

  • China Market Consulting - both online and offline student engagement strategies

  • Localized Chinese Website - design, translation, and .cn domain hosting

  • China Web-Presence Optimization - China search engine ( result boosting, exposure boosting on various Chinese websites

  • WeChat Official Account - account registration, menu setup, content translation, weekly content editing and posting

  • Admitted Student Reception (April, 2017) - planning, campaign design, venue booking and setup, bilingual hosting

University of Oregon wanted to make sure that the Chinese audience understood what studying at UO meant instead of viewing the UO experience as just a brand name on a diploma. Therefore, we focused on what sets UO apart from its competitors and chose aspects that we knew Chinese students and parents actually care about. We simultaneously emphasize what the local market wants while preserving what makes our client special.

微信_画板 1 副本 2.png
微信_画板 1 副本.png

Stories of Chinese celebrities who graduated from UO may not gain any traction on Twitter, but it certainly put UO on thousands of Chinese teenagers' radars.

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reception 2.jpg