• Arizona State University


  • Localization

  • WeChat

  • Recruitment Events



What We Did

  • Localized Chinese Website - design, translation, and .cn domain hosting

  • WeChat Official Account - account registration, menu setup, content translation, weekly content editing and posting

  • Student Recruitment Events (2017&2018) – trip planning, activities planning, student engagement, and local resources connecting

We established an official Chinese website for ASU, allowing them to showcase the essence of ASU to their prospective students and parents.

ASU-微信_画板 1.png
ASU-微信_画板 1 副本.png
ASU-微信_画板 1 副本 2.png

ASU participated in our Fall 2017 recruitment events and their representative Daniel returned with satisfied results. Let’s check out what really happened in the events: